Sunday, November 22, 2009

Star Trek Online Ship Tactics Video

Star Trek Online recently released part two of their Space Battles series. This segment focuses on the allocation of power from shields, weapons, engine and auxiliary and what role each plays in a battle. The space battles are starting to look much crisper as they get further into the beta process.

The video also details the ability of boarding parties and how you can utilize them during space combat. You can watch part 1 below and see what you’ll be able to do to make your ship prepared for different situations, what classes of ships make for good role players on a team (tank, damage dealer, support, etc.) and how different gear and bridge offices can make your ship stand out and perform differently.

Here’s part one which details the importance of movement, the different ship types and how you can modify your vessel:

To see the newly released Star Trek Ship Tactics Part 2, head over to IGN.

Are you any more interested in trying the game out now or do you have another MMO on your radar?

Star Trek Online releases February 2, 2010.