Sunday, January 10, 2010

Killer Guides' release of the Unofficial Star Trek Online Guide

The Unofficial Star Trek Online Guide provides a rich resource of strategies, useful tips for survival and know-how for Star Trek Online gamers to optimize their gameplay experience. This guide aims to help players refine their skills, obtain the much needed starfleet merits/energy credits efficiently, and provide an in-depth mission guideline. The guide also provides a leveling section to make your way through Ensign to Admiral rank.

The Star Trek Online Guide from Killer Guides depicts techniques to make merits or credits and unlike other MMORPG, Star Trek Online incorporates a multi-currency system to create more depth in the game's gameplay. Star Trek Online includes the trademark full customization by Cryptic Studio that not only allows players to shape their own avatars, but starships too. All players are able to create a highly unique experience through customizing which is explained well with set-up recommendations in the Killer Guides STO Guide.

Killer Guides has been a leader in publishing game guides for a number of years, publishing game guides for successful MMORPGs like Aion Online and Final Fantasy XI. Other famous online games that are covered include EVE Online and World of Warcraft.

Star Trek Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing game that captures the excitement from the hit television series, Star Trek. The game progresses with a skill-based system that allows players to move up ranks according to skills that are maxed out. The enjoyment of this unique game lies in the two combat system that separates starship battles and ground combats. Furthermore, players will act as a captain and command bridge officers to enhance the ship's capabilities or form a mandatory team of 5 with 4 AI bridge officers to support each player during combat. Killer Guides' Star Trek Online Guide is available at . The STO Guide Bundle can also be found at the online shop, . The game guide publisher has provided quality game guides to the online gaming population and continues to support online gamers with comprehensive game walkthroughs.


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