Thursday, July 8, 2010

Star Trek' star William Shatner fighting to save wilderness in native Canada

It may seem ironic in a way, but "Star Trek" star William "Bill" Shatner is throwing some support behind a bill in his native Canada to protect the ecosystem on the British Columbia coast.

The actor reportedly joined a conference call to express his displeasure at what is a nasty habit for fish farmers right now -- creating their farms on the coast and having "sea lice" tear their way into the ocean. While this may help business, it also destroys the fish living in the wild.

It is Shatner's ultimate goal through all of this to preserve the oceans, that way they can be enjoyed by future generations. In moving these fish farms to contained bodies of water, it eliminates much of the problem.

Congrats to Shatner for standing up for the environment and his beliefs!