Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'Beam up my $3,000 ears, Scotty' - Mr Spock stars in Star Trek auction

Original props from the much-loved 1960s science fiction TV series auctioned online, on Sunday

Collectors had a chance to boldly go where no collector has gone before last Sunday, as Propworx and CBS Consumer Products auctioned props from the original Star Trek TV series.

The online auction came hot on the heels (at Warp speed) of Heritage Auction Galleries' recent sale of Captain James T Kirk's uniform, worn by William Shatner in the franchise's movie spin-offs.

Highlights included a prop "computer screen" from the bridge of the original 1960s Enterprise spaceship, sold for $14,000. Fans can see it in the original episode Errand of Mercy.

Elsewhere, a tunic worn by George Takei in his role of Sulu during the Third Season of Star Trek: The Original Series brought $4,000.

And no Star Trek auction would be complete without an appearance by Mr Spock, who remains one of the most iconic and recognisable sci-fi characters of the 20th century.

A pair of the Vulcan alien science officer's most recognisable attribute, his prosthetic pointy ears worn by actor Leonard Nimoy during the Original Series, were beamed up for $3,000.

With the franchise likely to continue for some years yet - especially following the JJ Abrams-directed 2009 blockbuster movie - these items will likely prove themselves as appreciable investments in future years.