Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Will There Be Klingons? Director J.J. Abrams and Writers Talk Star Trek 2

J.J. Abrams' re-imagined Star Trek movie found fans in Trekkies and plebians alike. When it comes to Star Trek 2, everyone's waiting to see what the director and his team will come up with next.

Abrams and writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman spoke to SFX Magazine about what's going on with the next installment. Abrams said, he wanted to "keep some of the mystery going," and he's a master at that: We're still wondering what happened in LOST. He offered this vague quote:

The universe that Roddenberry created was so vast. And so it's hard to say there's one particular thing that stands out as what the sequel must be. Which is on the one hand, a great opportunity. On the other hand it's the greatest challenge – where do you go? What do you focus on? But I'm incredibly excited about the prospects.

The one thing that the creators confirmed was that it wasn't going to take a super serious tone like The Dark Knight. It would be hard, considering that Simon Pegg is going to have a much larger role as confirmed by Orci. "The first one had dark elements, but was ultimately very warm. We'd hope to strike a similar balance [in the sequel]," Kurtzman said. Orici added:

Humor is part of the franchise and I think it's critical, certainly to the Bones-Spock relationship. It's definitely a big part of the Bones-Kirk relationship. So, I don't see any world where humor doesn't play a part.

It was Orci and Kurtzman who addressed the pressing issue on most people's minds: Will there be Klingons? Both didn't say much, but Kurtzman pointed out that a couple of the storylines they are considering could easily slip in Khan. Orci said the story would be picked depending on "what the characters need," but acknwledged that everyone is aware of what the fans want. Orci commented:

Introducing a new villain in the sequel is tempting because we now have this incredible new sandbox to play in. On the other hand, some fans really want to see Klingons and it's hard not to listen to that. The trick is not to do something that's been seen before just because you think it will be a short cut to likeability.

Will you tune out if J.J. Abrams doesn't include some of the classic characters like Khan or ask William Shatner to cameo?

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