Thursday, November 4, 2010

Star Trek's USS Enterprise: owners’ workshop manual from Haynes

The 160-page guide delves into the technical specification of the world’s most famous fictional spaceship, containing in-depth drawings and a step-by-step approach to stripping the ship down to its essentials and reassembling it.

An invaluable tool to any aspiring Scotty, the book was written by Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley with the help of former NASA designer Michael Okuda, who worked on the Sci-Fi series for more than 20 years.

Co-author Robinson said: “It's something I think people have wanted for a long time, a proper history that puts the Enterprises into context with one another and gives you the story of how they evolved, with each ship building on the last.”

This something of a departure for Haynes, who started publishing car manuals in 1965, although they have diversified somewhat in recent years, producing books on classic military aircraft, Wallace and Gromit contraptions and a manual on teenagers.