Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Star Trek Game Announced for Summer 2011 – Star Trek: Infinite Space

Star Trek Deep Space Nine returns as the setting for an upcoming browser-based game. Along with another yet unannounced game, German developer Keen Studios has a new Facebook title focusing on the classic Star Trek universe slated for release in the summer of 2011. Little is known about the title at this point, other than its name and projected launch date.

Star Trek production alum Michael Okuda, the man responsible for the design of the space station, and one of the key designers of the Next Generation and it’s sister series is working as a consultant with the game studio to make sure the game has an authentic to the Tv universe feel. His wife, Denise Okuda, who was also a scene designer and video editor on the TV shows will contribute as well.

I’m not sure what sort of gameplay to expect here, but it’s nice to see such an interesting setting within the Star Trek universe getting some attention outside Cryptic’s Star Trek Online universe. With the movies now residing in a parallel timeline it seems the only source of new adventures with these classic settings might be online.