Monday, May 17, 2010

Leonard Nimoy on J.J. Abrams, William Shatner, Zachary Quinto and Star Trek XII

MovieWeb posted a new interview with Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy and here are excerpts.

You've talked recently about how you're going to be retiring from acting. After you had done Dr. Bell on Fringe, was there something that felt like there was a finality, like you had cleared what characters you wanted to play, or is it just a time and space that you just don't feel like acting is going to open any more experiences for you? Some thoughts on why this show is going to be your last?

Leonard Nimoy: It's really coincidental. It wasn't anything about the Fringe job or the character of William Bell that made me decide I didn't want to do this anymore. It's a coincidence. I've been at this for 60 years. My first professional work in film was in 1950. 60 years, I think, is long enough. I had decided not to do anymore acting and directing several years ago. I was called back to work to do the Star Trek movie, which was very attractive. I thought it was going to be a wonderful film. I read the script and a great handling of the Spock character and an introduction of wonderful new actor to play Spock. Then, J.J. Abrams who is the executive producer of Fringe asked me to do the William Bell character. I thought I owed him that. I'm very glad that I did it because it was an exciting project. It's just coincidental that I decided some time ago that I really didn't want to do this anymore. I just did this last job as a favor to J.J. Abrams. I'm glad I did it. I think we'll see an exciting episode next week. It's a very good note to go out on.

I just wanted to follow-up a little more on the announcement of your retirement, the finale for Fringe next week, and also - there were some lingering reports online that you might actually be in the next Star Trek film. Doesn't sound like that's going to happen, but any word on maybe whether or not your good friend, William Shatner, might be in the next film?

Leonard Nimoy: I have no idea about the next film regarding Bill Shatner. I'm quite sure - I think I can be definitive about the fact that I will not be in it. I have said that I think it's time for me to get off the stage and make some room for Zachary Quinto who is the new Spock and a wonderful actor, looks a lot like me. And I'm very flattered that the character will be continued by an actor of that caliber. He's very well trained and very talented. I have no expectations whatsoever even being asked to be in the next Star Trek film. I cannot speak for J.J. Abrams or William Shatner. If they have a common interest, I hope it works out.

Have you given any advice to hopefully help his career going the same way as yours did in 60 years time, or is there anything ... wished you'd have been told when you were his age?

Leonard Nimoy: When I was whose age?

When you were Zach's age. Is there anything you wish you would have been told when you-

Leonard Nimoy: Oh, Zachary Quinto? He's a wonderful actor. He's very well trained. When I began working, I was not as well trained as he. I had a lot to learn. He comes into the work already very well schooled and very well trained and ready to do the work. I had to learn as I worked. That's not the best way to go, but obviously, building up experience was helpful, but it would have been helpful to me if somebody had said, "Leonard, get back to school and stop worrying about finding a job. Go to school and study and take more classes." Eventually, I did. It worked out okay, but Zachary Quinto is in a different position than I was. He's finished with his schooling. He's a schooled and trained actor. He's ready to do wonderful work, which I think he will.


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