Friday, May 7, 2010

Star Trek headset computer gets airing

A US outfit has been showing off a hands-free wireless mini-computer which displays a screen to your left eye.

Kopin, a Taunton-based company that specialises in ultra-small LCD displays and nanotechnology was showing off Golden-I at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

Stephen Pombo, a spokesman for Kopin, said that the one eyed view of the world is controlled by commands you see under the icons.

What you actually see looks like a 15-inch monitor. It’s powered by an internal battery that lasts about eight hours.

It means you connect to your home or business computer using wi-fi or Bluetooth technology, and do almost anything you can with a traditional computer. Plus it’s controlled by your voice.

John C.C. Fan, founder and CEO of Kopin said that it is better than a touch pad and it works in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

It appears to be a voice activated dumb terminal which gains any computer power from an external source.

Golden-I is set to hit the market sometime next year and the outfit hopes to get it much smaller and lighter by then.