Friday, November 13, 2009

John Cho Talks about Star Trek

John Cho is on a career roll. Best known as Harold, half of the horny, dope-smoking, White Castle-seeking duo in the "Harold and Kumar" films, the 37-year-old Korean-American actor landed two plum parts this year.

In this summer's "Star Trek" film, he played navigator Hikaru Sulu, a kick-butt role light-years removed from those he's been associated with in the past. And in the new ABC series "FlashForward," he's FBI agent Dimitri Noh.

ou really made an impression in "Star Trek," in a real macho role. What's it like being part of the "Trek" universe with its fanatical fans?

The reaction has been very positive, and that's because the movie was so well-made. It feels like I'm joining a family, it's kind of like joining the Masons, there's a lifelong membership. It's a nice feeling, and people give you the benefit of the doubt when you're in that club. And this movie has expanded the demographic of people who know me - like 10-year-old boys look at me. It's fun to me to be involved in this magical, mythic moviemaking. It's a different kind of audience