Saturday, November 28, 2009

Zoë Saldana talks about her roles in Star Trek and with Sam Worthington in Avatar

SHE was the sexiest officer ever to serve on board the Starship Enterprise when she walked on board JJ Abrams' remake of Star Trek.

Now Zoë Saldana is returning to cinema screens next month as a 10-foot tall angry and kicking alien, starring opposite Sam Worthington, in Avatar.

"I’ve become a little action whore. I’ve always gravitated toward the Sigourney Weavers, the f***ing Linda Hamiltons, the Angelina Jolies," Zoë tells next month's Details magazine.

"I just love strong women that are in tune with their bodies - that don’t just use their bodies as sex tools.

"I’m very dominant – feisty. I’m not a man-hater, just a very proud woman."

Zoë, who has already signed for the sequel to Star Trek, and has just finished shooting in Puerto Rico, an adaptation of The Losers.

"I'm such a physical person, action-film work came natural," she says.

"Zoë's definitely fiery," says Abrams, who has signed her for the Star Trek sequel. "She has the fortitude for you to put her in control. She could really do the job - not just look good in a ridiculously short dress."

Take a good look at Zoë, as it's not her body in Avatar. Director James Cameron used modern technology to turn her into Neytiri,a blue, 10-foot-tall kung-fu-fighting creature.

"Motion capture isn't like shooting ," Saldana explains. "You're in a suit with all these dots on you, and whatever you do, they get it. Sam and I did all sorts of stupid shit. If you burp, your character burps. I'd shake my booty, and you'd see my character shaking her booty."