Sunday, November 22, 2009

Star Trek (Review)

Star Trek is a kinda sorta reboot, in J.J. Abrams image. The reason I phrase it that way is due to the fact that it’s not a reboot, it’s more of an alternate time-line. The reason J.J. Abrams got away with this is because in the story itself, he has Captain Nero (Eric Bana) accidentally slip back in time from a wormhole, along with Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy), and Captain Nero tries to get his revenge of his planet being destroyed in the past. This ends up causing a chain of events that changes history in a way of an alternate time-line being created.

When I first heard about the new Star Trek coming out, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait. But then I heard it was a reboot with a whole new cast. This bothered me a little, but eventually I swallowed my pride. The first news I heard on casting was that they chose Simon Peg as Scotty. Personally I thought that was a perfect choice. If anyone could play Scotty, he could. As time went on I heard more news on casting, some unknowns to me, some great choices. In all on cast, I feel that they couldn’t have chosen better on the cast. Chris Pine as Kirk was great, Zachary Quinto as the present day Spock was just about perfect, but the best casting I for any character in Star Trek was Karl Urban as “Bones”. He was able to truly portray that character.

You can tell they all had a lot of fun making Star Trek. It really showed through with the final product. The sets and effects were great. I found out that J.J. Abrams wanted to do as much as possible with practical special effects, and as little as possible with CGI. I believe this really showed through with the final product. I am a fan of practical effects though, so I might be a little bias.

Over all I have to give J.J. Abrams Star Trek a 9 out of 10. It shows drama, witty dialogue, great action sequences, and great film-making all in one package. If you haven’t seen it yet I suggest checking it out.