Thursday, March 18, 2010

Comics Review : Star Trek Movie Adaptation Issue 2

The covers: As with last issue, a tight close-up on the Regular cover of a dominant character from the issue, young Spock this time. The great team of David Messina & Giovanna Niro continue to deliver the goods as Spock's test questions are reflected in his face to perfection. The Retailer Incentive Photo cover is that famous trailer shot of Kirk on his bike looking at the construction of the Enterprise in the Riverside Shipyard. It, too, is a good cover but could they not give away the last page of the comic? Yeah, we've all seen the movie and know what's coming but I would've rather had a cockeyed cover with Spock rejecting entrance into the Vulcan Science Academy. It's a nitpick, but--HEY!--No spoilers! Overall grade: Both covers A

The story: Spock's education (with teasing), Kirk crashing the car, Spock gives his sweetest "Live long and prosper", Kirk meets Uhura, Cupcake, many fists, and Pike. That's a summary "Based on the Screenplay by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman. Adaptation by Mike Johnson & Tim Jones." What's new? A nice exchange between Sarek and Amanda, with a great exit line by her! A good exchange between young Jimmy Kirk and his brother, including justification for the stealing/wrecking of his dad's car. These two pages also justify young Jim's path until he meets up with Pike. It's a solid story, following the film, with a few extras. Overall grade: A

The art: It's so damn good! David Messina continues to impress. There are panels that look straight out of the movie, but there are also several of Messina's own composition (Pages 5 & 6 and 14 & 15 come to mind). Messina can really layout a page. For example, sometimes in a fight scene it's difficult to tell where characters are in relation to their settings (any Frank Miller Marvel comic has the characters battling well, but against a white background). Not Messina. Look at Page 16, with its detailed backgrounds and layout, I know exactly where everyone is. It's so nice to see this, and it's so appreciated. Also always appreciated are the striking likenesses to the actors: Pine, Quinto, and Saldana are sterling. However, Bruce Greenwood doesn't look at all like himself until a heart stopping close-up on Page 20. Nit, nit, nit. It's still a winning issue. Overall grade: A

The inks: Gaetano Carlucci is a good match with Messina. It finally dawned on me what her work reminds me of: Kevin Maguire's work on Justice League of America. Yet, she doesn't make this book not look like Messina. Could she be the new Terry Austin? A jaw-dropping inker whose work always brought out the best in anything he inked? I'd love to see more to compare! Overall grade: A+

The colors: The flawless record of Giovanna Niro continues. I'd move to Iowa if the sky was that bright. I'm almost nervous about how white and bright she'll make the light (excuse the unintentional rhyme) on the bridge of the Enterprise. Will it be as overdone as J.J. did? Sorry, it annoyed me. I'm anxious to see! Overall grade: A

The letters: Neil "go-to" Uyetake takes over the lettering chores this issue. Dialogue aplenty, coupled with computer speak, punches, sirens, car acceleration, crashes, broken glass, and Trek's loudest whistle. Overall grade: A

The final line: Short and sweet: A worthy addition to any Trek collection. Overall grade: A


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