Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Star Trek Games On The Way

In a recent interview with, CBS Products vice president Van Citters said that new Star Trek games are in the works. He doesn't specify any platforms or genres, and there's no indication that a game is currently in development. However, he acknowledged the need for more traditional games outside the current MMOPRG, Star Trek Online, and the franchise's need to expand the gaming space in the long-term.

"There are definitely things in the works," he said. "There is a great deal of interest in developing new games for Star Trek and we will definitely have more to say about it in the future. I am very excited about what the future is going to hold for Star Trek gaming as a whole."

Star Trek Online is the first release since the launch of the $10 Star Trek DAC in 2009. Trekmovie pointed out that the gaming scene has been barren for some time, with the last handful of (lackluster) Trek games released by Bethesda from 2006-2007. The site also states that there are currently no game licensees.

For a franchise that ruled the 1980s and 1990s, the Star Trek mammoth has been somewhat stagnant since the turn of the century. The Voyager crew finally came home, wrapping up a 7-year trek that was only seen on UPN stations, the last film featuring the Next Generation crew-- Nemesis-- didn't fair well in the box office, and the fifth Star Trek TV series-- Enterprise-- struggled to accomplish four seasons.,9781.html