Wednesday, March 3, 2010

'V': Will William Shatner take on alien invaders?

Four episodes of the re-imagined "V" aired in late 2009, then ABC announced the science-fiction epic would return for the rest of its run after the Winter Olympic. Which it does, on Tuesday, March 30.

"V" shoots in Vancouver, Canada, where the Olympics took place, and there was even a "V" connection during the Closing Ceremonies, which included a memorable appearance by "Star Trek" and "Boston Legal" star William Shatner (who's just been cast in the title role of the CBS pilot based on the hit Twitter feed "S**t My Dad Says.")

The Montreal-born Shatner is the father-in-law of "V" star Joel Gretsch, who plays alien-fighting priest Father Jack. Gretsch is wed to Shatner's daughter Melanie, and the couple has two daughters.

So, the Olympics became a family affair.

"The whole family was in town," Gretsch tells Zap2it. "We got to see a few events together. It's such an honor, the Olympics ... come on, you're part of the Olympics, representing your country, that you grew up in, it was a beautiful moment. I was happy for the family to be able to share it with him."

Despite having a special relationship with Shatner, Gretsch can't guarantee he'll ever appear on "V."

"Yeah," Gretsch says, "I've got an in. He's so busy. He's got 50 different projects going on right now. I think its unlikely, but if a role comes up, and they would ask him, if he'd be up for it ... He's just one of those guys, you know?"