Sunday, March 14, 2010

Will Shatner Creates Sci-Fi Social Network Site MyOuterSpaceWilliam Shatner has been a pitch man for a host of companies, including Ho

William Shatner has been a pitch man for a host of companies, including However, he is best known, of course, for his contributions to the science fiction genre for his time spent playing Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise on the original Star Trek.

Now the captain is setting his sights on new horizons... and a new site. Mr. Shatner has unveiled, a social network and job hunting site with a creative/sci-fi flavor.

He describes the new site, writing: is a Sci Fi Social Network for those with a passion for the arts. Whether you are a fan of Sci Fi, Horror or Fantasy or seeking a career in the Science fiction industry has much to offer. Register on the planet that host your talent, fill out a profile and connect with others in your field. Submit your resume for a Starship project that needs your talents. Whether you are an actor, writer, animator or gamer has a home for you. Creative Talent, be sure to register on the planet that hosts your specialty, and you may be selected by a Captain to join his/her Starship Crew. Visitors won't be able to participate on a Starship Project unless they become a citizen of a United Planet. I will be monitoring all Starship projects, and reviewing each Captain's Log, where progress will be recorded each step of the way. The Captains will seek out new talent on the various Planets to build a winning team. There are six Starships ready to crew-up and develop a dynamic entertainment production, so register now, participate and keep your eyes to the stars, William Shatner

The site features six "planets" each for a different kind of professionals. For example, there's a planet for designers and animators called Anteros and another for writers and directors called Creatia. Site members can also jump aboard one of six "starships" creative collaborations that Mr. Shatner appears to be guiding. The ship designs and planets were created with the help of John Eaves, a famous Star Trek props and ships designer.

Videos on the site provide more details. The registration page is here.

A quick scan of the site finds it still in its early stages with most members just having 1 or 2 registered friends and no profile pictures. Despite the cool ship designs and a relatively well laid out page, the site does come off as a bit amateurish. For example, if you search Google, the page description for the site currently reads: "Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management system."

Nonetheless, it might be fun to give the site a try. After all, when has Captain Kirk steered us wrong?