Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Future Star Trek Online Features Detailed?

Cryptic Studios producer Craig Zinkievich has talked about some of the possible post-launch ideas that could be headed to Star Trek Online

Speaking in an exclusive interview with NowGamer, Zinkievich suggested that omitted ideas for the MMO could be included as the game evolves. Asked whether the team had many ideas the producer replied: "Plenty. Some of the biggest were allowing players to play as neutral factions (like traders) or play as an officer on another player’s ship."

"We also knew that we wanted to get the game out in a set amount of time, and that we wanted to make sure that we delivered a deep and rich experience rather than a whole bunch of thin ones. So we focused on making the Starship Captain experience."

“We focused on making the Starship Captain experience”

Zinkievich added a glimmer of hope for anyone interested in the above though, saying: "Great thing about MMOs, though, is how you get to keep developing them after launch..."

What other features would you want to see - hover boards? Tribbles (ask a Trekkie)? Check out the game when it launches in February, then let Cryptic know.