Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Star Trek” on DVD — A Russo Review

Russo Rating = 9 out of 10 Stars

“The DVD set goes in depth on the making of the film, always focusing on JJ Abrams’ encompassing and grand vision.”

While critics are calling Star Trek on BluRay the killer app that will help sell the high definition technology this holiday season, with early comparisons to last year’s tremendous Dark Knight disc, come
time for me to type up this review, we only had access to the 2-disc DVD set. However, this behemoth DVD gives a fantastic look at what’s to come when you pop in that BluRay on Tuesday.

I don’t need to tell you how wonderful the new JJ Abrams Star Trek is, chances are you’ve already seen it for yourself. How Abrams was able to take the crew of the Enterprise and reinvigorate them, not only for
fans, but also for general audiences, is nothing short of an astounding achievement. Capturing all the fun and flair of what made the original Kirk and Spock voyages so much fun, a witty sense of humor and big intergalactic adventure, and mixing it with some explosive (Star Wars-like) action pieces and dazzling special effects make the latest Trek a grandiose adventure not to miss!

The DVD set goes in depth on the making of the film, always focusing on JJ Abrams’ encompassing and grand vision. Offering exclusive content that will entice “Trekkers”, like the first glimpse of the Abrams
inspired Klingons, as well as a mammoth amount of behind the scenes footage, breaking down the casting behind each member of the Enterprise crew and the balance in Trek love between the lead creative
team and how this bettered the production, fans can engulf themselves in everything Trek. Not to mention there is some wonderful behind the scenes content on Leonard Nimoy’s involvement, and how the entire
production hinged on him coming aboard.

A must have for the holidays, the 2 disc DVD gives us an exciting glimpse of why Star Trek is going to inevitably move millions of BluRay players off store shelves this holiday season. Don’t miss it.