Monday, April 19, 2010

Book Review : Star Trek Online The Needs of the Many

Contemporary author from Earth Michael A. Martin helps journalist in the future Jake Sisko cull together his research and interview notes to create a transcript of the events leading up to the horrific Long War. It's hard to imagine a more paranoid time in Starfleet history than dealing with the Dominion, but the Undine, or Species 8472 in Borg terms, gives them a run for the money.

Sisko interviews key personnel who had first-hand experience dealing with various infiltrations by the Undine, including several familiar faces. The transcripts end right at the beginning of the war, and I'm guessing the start of the online role-playing game. A year-by-year timeline starting in 2379 through 2408 brings historical perspective to the reading.

Not being familiar with the game universe at all, I have to judge the book based on if it was a fun read. For the most part, yes. Does it conflict with established timelines in both the movies and the novel universe? Yes. So, if you treat this as a separate entity like the Shatnerverse, then I recommend picking this up. Just don't nitpick.

8 out of 10


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