Monday, April 19, 2010

Star Trek Remastered Producer Dave Rossi to Auction Trek Items for Charity

Dave Rossi has sent this following message to TrekWeb users :

Hi, this is Dave Rossi, one of the producers of Star Trek Remastered. I've put up some Star Trek Remastered items to benefit a charity for the Hollywood Schoolhouse. All proceeds benefit the school.

The auction consists of:
1. All 3 seasons of Star Trek Remastered on Blu Ray. This set allows you to branch between original and new effects and contains commentary by a host of Star Trek alums as well as the creative team
2. A promotional poster autographed by William Shatner, fellow producers-in-crime Mike & Denise Okuda, Viz FX Supervisor Niel Wray and myself
3. A 5 inch miniature model of the Enterprise used to help us visualize the shots. The model is in a decorative display case
4. A size XL Star Trek tee
5. A tribble!

Because it's a charity event I thought I'd open it to the fans and give them the opportunity to get a cool collection while benefiting a fine school.

The auction can be accessed at


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