Thursday, April 8, 2010

Captain’s Log app turns your iPad into a Star Trek PADD

I’ve been telling people all along that the iPad is like a better version of the Star Trek PADD (Personal Access Display Device).

As any Trekkie could tell you, the PADD is best described as a handheld from the future that the Enterprise crew use for a variety of tasks, including area scanning, checking various starship systems, logging manifests, managing personal data, reading digital archives, and more.

And while a decade ago we’d all been lusting after this ultimate Star Trek gadget, nowadays a plain-vanilla tablet does pretty much the same stuff, let alone Apple’s advanced gizmo.

Not only is the shiny iPad aesthetically more pleasing than the PADD, it also runs more sophisticated software than its Star Trek counterpart. But if you prefer the familiar, vintage Star Trek interface, there’s now an app for that, too!

Enter Captain’s Log, an aptly named iPad app that lets you jot down notes, memos, check your email, message your Facebook and Twitter friends, and more, all in the Star Trek fashion – stardates included. As you can see from the above screenshot, the app is based on the familiar user interface, as seen in the Star Trek series. Trekkies, don’t bother searching for it on the App Store, it’s not live yet.