Thursday, April 8, 2010

News From the Trek Sequel

Big news today from the J.J. Abrams camp: the script for the next movie

in the rebooted Star Trek franchise was leaked to multiple websites late last night. The following contains spoilers for the upcoming movie, so spoilerphobes, avert your eyes.

The movie apparently starts a year after the end of the last film. Kirk and his merry crew have been working an assignment in deep space, and are returning to Federation space for some well-deserved R&R. However, at the space station where they make port, all is not well. The Commander in charge of the station is dealing with way too many fires at once, and Kirk and Co. are the beacons of shining hope she's been waiting to turn up and help put them out.

A rascally trader (casting sheet calls for "a Jack Sparrow type") has brought aboard the station an unknown species of cute, non-sentient, pocket-sized aliens, which have in the course of a few days already caused catastrophic problems aboard the station, including contaminating the food supply and clogging air and power ducts. Meanwhile, two members of a species who look human -- except for the alternating colors of their skin -- sneak aboard and are re-enacting the war between their peoples, embroiling everyone on the station. And if that wasn't enough, the station has just started receiving signals from an old Earth sleeper capsule with its crew in suspended animation. It's name: the SS Botany Bay.

As events unfold, threatening to boil over into full-scale war with the Klingons, a mysterious figure resembling Wil Wheaton skulks in the shadows, manipulating events. Beloved characters fall to a deadly threat, romances are threatened, and it's all due to someone who keeps giggling madly: "Take that, Moonpie!" Can the crew of the Enterprise save the day?

Star Trek XII is due out in 2012.