Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rio Theatre's Vancouver Star Trek screening comes later, but will be totally cooler

Star Trek

Rio Theatre

1160 East Broadway

Midnight tonight

If you are looking for someplace special to take your favourite Vulcan tonight, consider the Rio Theatre's midnight screening of Star Trek.

The much-hyped original series prequel will be in wide release as of 7 p.m., but the Rio's party promises something more: the possibility of a prize if your ears are the pointiest.

Just kidding, but there are prizes for best costume and if the turnout for the recent midnight screening of Watchmen is anything to judge by, the place will be packed with Romulans, Klingons and revealingly clingy futuristic garb.

RX Comics will also be in place with a full selection of Star Trek paraphanalia.

"We weren't selling much Star Trek at all before the hype for the movie started, but that's changed now," said RX proprietor Aaron Birkenhead.

There will be no shortage of people seeing Star Trek at the local cineplex, but the Rio offers something a little cooler and people like to get into a party frame of mind, Rio owner Corinne Lea said.

"Those are the people who come here," she said.