Sunday, February 14, 2010

Exclusive Preview of Season 3 of Star Trek Odyssey Fan Series

According to Hidden Frontier Productions, production on Season 3 of Star Trek Odyssey fan series is well underway.

The season combines the two post-Nemesis Star Trek fan series The Helena Chronicles and Odyssey as well as other Hidden Frontier Productions elements, past and present.

"At present I am planning on season 3 as a season of episodes rather than a movie." Odyssey producer Rob Caves told TrekWeb "This way we can release material sooner rather than making people wait the entire year before we release more Star Trek. I expect a preview of the season to be out in March, and a first episode as early as April. Some of the episodes in season 3 might be shorter than our usual 35-40 minutes, with a couple in the 20 minute category, but you'll find them building on one another in a very episodic fashion that should have everyone glued to their seats with all the surprises coming in Season 3."

"Just about everybody is back for this exciting wrap up to our Star Trek adventures. It should be a lot of fun!" Caves told us.

Season 3 of Odyssey picks up 6 months after the arrest of Captain Faisal of the U.S.S. Helena and the launch of a new Archein invasion into the Milky Way Galaxy. All Helena and Odyssey regulars return along with a few surprises to make this our most exciting season yet! No one is safe, and the future of both galaxies is at stake!

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