Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Star Trek Online: Fans Ask About Skills

The latest Star Trek Online edition of 'Ask Cryptic' is now up on the official site. This time, devs answer questions about skills. Check it out!

Liquidisim: The starship skills such as Heavy Escort, do those carry thru to higher level ships such as fleet escort. If they apply only to t3 ships, then there is no point in having those skills come endgame.


There is hardly no point, though these skills currently become less useful in the endgame. However, we are in the process of changing this. All ship skills will grant some bonus to the ship above it. So an Assault Cruiser will benefit from Starship Captain, Cruiser Captain, Heavy Cruiser Captain, Exploration Cruiser Captain and Assault Cruiser Captain, but it will get the most benefit from Assault Cruiser Captain Skill. So if you want to maximize your Assault Cruiser, you will need all those skills. Note, the Assault Cruiser will not gain any benefit from the Star Cruiser Captain skill and vice-versa. The bonuses only affect ships upwards along the tree, not laterally.

SquidheadJax: Without the ability to expand our skills indefinitely, how is continuing to earn Bridge Officer SP even relevant, since our captain's skills won't be able to expand to make them useful?

As you gain levels, you can recruit more bridge officers. This allows you to have much more variety in the higher levels, with what officers you're using at stations, and on your away team. Furthermore, bridge officers come in different "quality" levels, much like items. More rare Bridge Officers have more traits and better abilities. Continuing to gain Bridge Officer skill points allows you to train-up brand new officers of a higher (rarer) quality, or use them to improve the skills of your existing Bridge Officers. As you improve your roster of Bridge Officer, and acquire new ships, you will learn new ways to combine them all and optimize your build. Also, look for a Bridge Officer Trading system soon.