Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Teodoro likens campaign to Star Trek adventure

The 90-day election campaign formally began Tuesday with presidential bets resorting to makeovers, image reengineering and other gimmicks to boost their winning chances.

The ruling party’s standard bearer Gilberto Teodoro Jr. held a proclamation rally in Antipolo City, vowing to scour the remotest of towns to win over the voters and drawing on Star Trek’s tag line, “where no man has gone before
As the Aquino camp renewed its attacks on Villar, Teodoro adopted the Star Trek campaign strategy to bolster his rating. Teodoro’s team has managed to get on board the “Galing at Talino” bandwagon, Mike Toledo, Teodoro’s spokesman.

The popular television series had the crew of the USS Enterprise traveling in unexplored, far-off galaxies as its primary mission from the fictional Star Fleet, hence its motto, “where no man has gone before.

Teodoro said he believed his public opinion rating among presidential candidates will go up as the 90-day campaign progresses and when local officials of the ruling party start their campaign this March. Over 70 percent of local government officials nationwide are Lakas-Kampi CMD members who are seeking re-election.

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