Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost Actor Nestor Carbonell Interested in Playing Khan if He Appears in Star Trek XII

MovieLine posted a new interview with Lost actor Nestor Carbonell and here are few excerpts.

Now that you've done The Tick, Lost, and The Dark Knight, you've cultivated a geek army that's touting you for Khan, should they include that villain in the next Star Trek sequel. Have you seen that?

Well, it would be tremendous, it would be amazing. I know that the show has already opened many doors for me, and that's the great thing about this business, that you never know which job you do will help you out with other jobs. This show has given me and my family so much, so if that were to happen, it would be tremendous.

I think the question, Nestor, is whether you have the pecs to play Khan.

[Laughs] Listen, all modesty aside, I'm pretty shredded right now. Richard may not get to flex his muscles, but he's not averse to taking off his shirt. Should it happen, the fans will know.


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