Friday, February 5, 2010

Star Trek Online: Getting Around the Galaxy

Star Trek Online takes place in the vast openness of space. And space is no tiny place. The way the STO galaxy is broken down might be a bit of a shock to newbies, so I’ve decided to offer you a quick overview. The game offers two in-game map levels, first the Galaxy Map which give you an over very of the entire games space. Then you have an Area Map which changes slightly depending on your location. The STO galaxy is broken down into “Sector Blocks” , but the sector blocks are then broken down further into sectors. And then within the various sectors you will find the different systems/star bases. The systems are starbases are where the action takes place, either in the space surround the system or on the ground of the system.
When traveling between systems you will be flying your ship within the sector map, which is laid out like a risk board, you see the various systems, other players, enemy contacts and cargo ships within the sector.

This system does take a couple minutes to get use to but once you understand how it works you’ll enjoy traveling around the depths of space. Unfortunately there are no real quick way to get around the vast STO galaxy, there is no warp from one side of the galaxy to the other (besides Time Warp which brings you back to the Sol”earth” system and holds a 30 minute recharge)