Friday, June 25, 2010 Website Offers a Variety of Content for the Star Trek Online Fan Community

Seems like social networks are a dime a dozen these days...however, there is one little gem that bears a peek if you are a Star Trek fan or interested in sci fi, comics or fantasy. is a growing internet community that was created by a dedicated group of Trek lovers who decided it was time for a change. Not only will you find the usual blog, forums, photos/videos and chat ...but you will also get goodies like regular live watch parties, contests with great prizes, a weekly podcast with celebrity guests, the weekly Member Spotlight, active Trek-based RPGs and much more.

Star Trek has always been the cornerstone of Presently, there are weekly watch parties for Star Trek TOS and Enterprise, as well as Trek groups, two Trek-based RPGs and lots of regular Trek postings in the forums and blogs. enjoys a close relationship with the crew of the Starship Farragut, and has featured celebrities like John Billingsley, Gary Graham and Richard Hatch on the podcast.

In addition to the wide variety of Star Trek/sci fi related events and material, you will also find a passionate comic book crowd. IDW's Star Trek comics are a favorite and members can always find spirited discussion, information and recommendations concerning comics.

Perhaps the best part of is the warm and friendly atmosphere that permeates the entire site. In addition to an amazing amount of activities and content, the administrators and members go all out to make everyone feel like they are part of a family. As an added bonus, is a private community, which helps to keep internet rif- raff like spammers from disrupting site interaction. Everyone is welcome to join and will go through two stages to become full members: account approval and email confirmation. These are all great safety measures for the community. is the full meal deal for fans of sci fi (big emphasis on Star Trek), comics and fantasy! An upbeat community that hasn't lost the personal touch, offers social interaction with live chat, contests, live watch parties, a weekly podcast, the Member Spotlight, and much, much more!

ABOUT FANCENTRAL.US is a social network for fans of sci fi, comics and fantasy. The mission of is to provide an entertaining, informative and safe environment for all age groups. is non-profit and is sustained by donations from members.



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