Wednesday, June 30, 2010

William Shatner on the Future of Star Trek and His Involvement on Free Enterprise 2 posted a video of Star Trek star William Shatner appearance at the TrekExpo in Tulsa, OK, yesterday, in which he gave the audience an update on future Trek-related projects, commenting on the Star Trek XII sequel, giving more details on his The Captains documentary, and talking more specifically about Free Enterprise 2. Here are few excerpts, coutesy of

Asked about Star Trek XII, Shatner said "You may have noticed I am not the same. In forty years my cells have changed seven times, so this is my seventh iteration of this body. How do you put the old Captain Kirk in with the new Captain Kirk? I don't know. So, they are going to make another movie in about a year and in the meanwhile I have become kind of acquaintance buddies with J.J. Abrams and I don't know what the future will bring apropos of Star Trek."

And regarding the Free Enterprise sequel, he said "Free Enterprise...remember the film? Well we are doing a sequel, Free Enterprise 2. So they have got me involved in some fun stuff. And I will be shooting that in the next month or so.,,"

The full video, in which Shatner talks about The Captains and more, can be found here:


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