Friday, June 25, 2010

Roberto Orci spent some time discussing two of his most anticipated upcoming projects – Star Trek 2 and Cowboys & Aliens.

Roberto Orci Talks Star Trek 2 and Cowboys & Aliens

Writer/producer Roberto Orci is excited for his upcoming projects. Along with many of the fans, he remains confident in the production of Cowboys & Aliens and development of Star Trek 2.

Orci’s connection to the fans is the most impressive aspect of his creative process. Rarely do you hear filmmakers so openly refer to the fans for advice and direction with upcoming projects.

Alongside his colleague Robert Kurtzman, Orci is one of the only links that audiences have to the cryptic mind of J.J. Abrams. When it comes to Star Trek 2, the production team is still in the development stage.

Details are scarce, but Orci opened up a bit about possibilities that include a re-imagined Khan.

As far as the script process is concerned, Orci expects to be given a due date of this Christmas. The film is scheduled to release in 2012, but the team will “work backwards from 2012″ as they prepare.

Nestor Carbonell as Khan in Star Trek

Apparently, fans are requesting Lost star Nestor Carbonell as Khan in the sequel. When IGN asked Orci if he takes those suggesting into account, he was gracious as always.

“I bring it up. Any cool suggestion I read from the fans I’ll bring up in our meetings. And I’ll say, ‘One of the fans suggested this.’ So this has always been an experiment in fan consultation for us. They really are consultants on the movie.”

IGN went on to point out that many sequels take on a darker tone. While this is generally true, Star Trek was generally pretty light – even though a number of death find their way into the story.

Star Trek was exciting and fun, as opposed to serious and moody.

“I think maybe thematically, because we don’t have the burden of an origin story, we can play a little bit more with the theme and it can be a little bit more complicated. But I still think we like fun. Star Trek has always been funny. Even Wrath of Khan has got some great great, great fun in it. “

Leonard Nimoy as Spock in Star Trek 2

Personally, I think a Star Trek sequel would find more success in maintaining the tone of the first film. There are plenty of dark action films right now, with The Dark Knight leading a quasi-revolution. I wish studios would recognize that not every film should follow the style of The Dark Knight.

Star Trek 2 is set to beam up in the summer of 2012.