Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Star Trek Insignia Slate Stone Coaster Set For Star Trek Fans and Geek Homes Read more: Star Trek Insignia Slate Stone Coaster Set For Star Trek Fans

Geeks can now have ideal homes where every little thing bears geek signature, that is, right from door-mat to table coasters there are designs that are inspired by games or virtual world. Here is Star Trek Insignia Slate stone

Coaster set with famous Star Trek Insignia crafted in slate stone that will add subtle beauty and geek character to any table.

star trek insignia coasters1

Most homes which pay attention to details often have set of coasters that match the table, tableware and home décor. Usually these coasters are made from papers or ceramic tiles or natural slate stones – all materials which absorb moisture and doesn’t let surface of the table get wet. Star Trek Insignia Coasters which have been elegantly handcrafted and are in rich color will match any décor. In fact they can also be added as Star Trek Collectibles items by fans.

star trek insignia coasters2

The Star Trek insignia emblem looks great and all the coasters have been cut from single slate. There is rubberized foam under the bottom of each coaster to avoid scratches on the glass top or other kind of furniture surfaces and these foams can be cleaned easily incase of spills.

star trek insignia coasters3

The coasters are 4in x 4in x 1/2in in size and the protective coating on top adds to the beauty and color of the stone coaster. Star Trek Insignia Slate Stone Coaster set consists of four coasters and is listed on Etsy for $25.00.

Star Trek fans can also bring home Star Trek Pewter Mug or Star Trek Logo Acoustic Speakers to celebrate greatest human imagination of all times.


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