Sunday, December 20, 2009

Buck Rogers Star Gil Gerard to Cameo in Star Trek Phase II Fan Series

According to Slice of Sci Fi, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century star Gil Gerard and Star Trek production designer Andrew Probert recently donned old-school Starfleet uniforms for cameo roles in an upcomign episode of the fan series Star Trek Phase II (formerly New Voyages).

Gerard, best known for his role as Captain William "Buck" Rogers on the popular 1970s television series, will play Admiral Jack Sheehan. Sheehan who sends James T. Kirk and the Enterprise on their mission into the Klingon Empire.

The cameo came when Gerard dropped by the set of the new on-line Buck Rogers fan series to check things out. He stopped by the sets for the original Enterprise NCC-1701 and quickly accepted the cameo role.

"Damn you! You've brought me over to the dark side!" the actor joked.