Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Star Trek Online: Hailing Frequency Report

tar Trek gaming site, The Hailing Frequency, was given an exclusive access to test Cryptic's Star Trek Online last weekend, and they returned with more than 100 snapshots and an upcoming beta keys competitions:

Exclusive Screenshots and a Video

We have been sent these three exclusive screenshots from Star Trek Online and, as an additional christmas gift to you all, now that Hailing Frequency's NDA has been waived - check out the our YouTube channel for a 3 minute compilation video of over 100 screenshots we took in the Closed Beta test this weekend!

Additionally, the HF team will be running a couple of closed Beta access competitions:

We will be running two competitions. The first one launched in this show and is an audio competition.

To win one of 75 closed beta keys, you must corretly identify 15 star trek sound effects which have been sliced together into a 10 second audio clip which you can download here:

Send the list of sound effects along with your Name and E-Mail Address to "" with the words "STO Closed Beta Audio Competition" in the subject line.

Winners for this competition will be contacted on Janurary 1st 2010.

A SECOND competition will be launching here on on December 27th and will be a 10 question trivia competition where you will be able to win one of another 75 beta keys.

So in total, we are giving away 150 beta keys during this christmas period.