Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Style Star of 2009: Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana has rocked my fashion world this year. Having been in two, not just major, but MAAAJOR movies this year, Star Trek and Avatar, Zoe is now not only on the top of our celebrity radars, but for me, on the top of my fashion radar. Every red carpet she hits and sidewalk she graces, Zoe Saldana is absolutely stunning. Each outfit more incredible than the next. From her gown choices, to her easy denim chic you can’t find somebody more stylish this year. (see slideshow below) She truly embodies what I like to call “effortless style”. It’s an ease, a poise, a confidence, a sexy storm, but quietly understated. You want to hate her, but you can’t help loving her because you know there is somebody genuine behind all this glitz and glamour. (...or at least I’d like to think.)

So what is it about her that is so radiant? There are a couple fashion concepts that I believe are happening here and of course, I would assume she has a stylist who has helped her on her way to becoming the 2009 fashion power house that she is. But to me, "Laurie the Image Consultant", Zoe Saldana has a classic, elegant but dramatic sense of style. She typically sticks to a couple main colors, blacks, off whites, silver metallics and red. Consistency has worked for her because in staying with this palatte she has found the colors that are most complimentary to her coloring and hence gives this extra radiance to her skin. It’s harmony from body to material. Zoe also sticks to a couple main silhouettes. Form fitting dresses are clearly her go to dress of choice. Each dress, one after another is fitted to her feminine shape and takes turns showing off drama in her sexiest assets. Particularly her shoulders. But in contrast to the form fitting and high drama of her red carpet looks, her casual chic has a more relaxed feeling to them, yet still beyond stylish. With easy denim or soft draped pant suits, draped tees and blouses, structured jackets and platforms to boot, Zoe has mastered casual cool. My favorite part, is she wears very little jewelry, which is just another subtle reference to the classic, not overdone, always effortless looking chic she exudes. Brilliant.

You too can master your own style like Zoe. It takes understanding yourself, your body and your surroundings. Find what works for you and you can build from there. Just remember no matter what you wear, whether you’d like to emulate Zoe Saldana’s style, or rock your own chic look, the best accessory you can carry is confidence! From your Editor-in-Chic... I’ll see you on the streets!