Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boldly dress like no one has done before with Star Trek Cufflinks

Just because you have been invited to a formal black tie affair, does not mean you have to go without showing your geek side. And if you happen to be a fan of Star Trek, it is quite easy to be geekchic with these stylish cufflinks.

The next time you feel like putting on the Ritz, dress like no one has done before with official Star Trek Cufflinks. There are eight designs to choose from featuring logos and icons from the show like the Starfleet Command Insignia, Starfleet Academy Logo, Star Trek Logo and the USS Enterprise herself, just to name a few. These unique Star Trek Cufflinks are finely detailed with enamel and are all rhodium silver plated. If you think any one of these cufflinks would look good on your suit, a set of Official Star Trek Cufflinks will cost you $65.

Not a fan of the United Federation of Planets - no problem. There is even a set of Klingon Insignia Cufflinks for stylish fashion Q’Plah!

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