Friday, September 11, 2009

Star Trek Online PAX 2009 Interview

Cryptic's Star Trek Online is bound to suck the life from Trekkers the world over when it launches for PC next year. The subject matter is perfect for an MMO, and the Trek fanbase is as loyal as any on earth. So you can imagine the hype when the game was unveiled at PAX this year. G4 was there, speaking to executive producer Craig Zinkievich.

According to Zinkievich, the goal of the game is to make you feel like you're in the TV shows or the movies. To do that, everyone is given his or her own Starship, either Klingon or Federation.

"It's awesome flying around space with five, ten or 15 ships as a fleet," Zinkievich told us. "It's paced, it's strategic.... we really wanted to get that strategic feel in the game. It's about positioning, taking down your enemy's shields, getting right behind them and unloading with a photon torpedo and taking them out.."

Check it out, in the video below: