Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto on Reimagining Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner and Sequels

The new Star Trek movie is on the cover of two magazines : the Mexican Cine Premiere magazine and the German Cinema magazine. (see images)

Plus, the May 2009 issue of Australia TV Week magazine features an exclusive interview with Star Trek stars Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) and here are few excerpts.

Early in the film, Nero (Eric Bana) travels back from the future tos eek revenge - and in doing so, changes the course of history. Was that a good way for JJ to wipe the slate clean and take the story in any direction he wanted ?

Quinto : A little bit yeah.

Pine : JJ stresses that it's a reimagining. It's the characters you know, the world you know, the aesthetic you're familiar with...but I'm not William Shatner and Zach's not Leonard Nimoy; it's a new journey. It's a new imagining of an old story, so there are liberties that are taken. But respect is definitely paid.

Leonard Nimoy makes a guest appearance, too. Was it dauting having the original spock on the set ?

Quinto : Leonard was intregally involved, for me, from the beginning. I was the first one cast so I had months before we started shooting to prepare, and he was instrumental in that time. We've actually become very close and I consider Leonard a friend. So it wasn't dauting so much as it was reassuring for me.

And Chris, apparently you stopped watching early episodes of the series because it was interfering with your preparation. Is that true ?

Pine : I did. I'm a perfectionist by nature so on getting the role, I was doing my due diligence. I started watching the first season and really enjoyed it - to my surprise, because I've never been a fan before. What Mr Shatner did was so unique that I found myself trying to create the perfect impersonation, which would have done neither myself nor anyone in the movie any justice. JJ precription for this role was to pay tribute to what had come before, but to do my own interpretation.

Will there be a sequel ?

Quinto : A sequel ? You wanna do one ?

Pine : Sure.

Quinto। Ok, we're doing one.