Friday, September 11, 2009

Star Trek The Movie Tunic Shirts

Scotty: What? Are you from the future?
Kirk: Yeah, he is. I'm not.
Scotty: Well that's brilliant! Do they still have sandwiches there?

In the distant future, the past is being rewritten. If that statement gives you a headache, you have J.J. Abrams to blame. Romulus is/will be destroyed by a supernova hyperinflated through subpace. A Romulan miner equipped with recovered Borg technology falls into a black hole and begins dismantling the Federation planet by planet. This discontinuity created a new quantum offshoot in the 6th dimension, resulting in a new timeline. Lost yet?

One continuity shift was a more badass Kirk, having been stripped of his father at birth, he was rudderless and unchallenged. Only reluctantly joining Starfleet later than his classmates, he quickly outperformed his peers and took his place as captain of the Enterprise. Speaking of the old girl, she's more swoopy than before, and more than twice her original size. Finally, the uniforms are way cooler than before.

Brighter colors and shiny emblem shields instead of the stitched-on insignias make these uniforms look more polished and "modern" than before. Off-duty, uniforms were often replaced by more casual t-shirt style tops that kept the same look, just lots more comfortable. Finally, one more shirt was added to the roster that hadn't been there before - the black pullover long-sleeve top with the black delta shield embossed on the material made this shirt the most casual and out-in-public friendly shirt in Starfleet.

Now you too can look like you're in the re-imagined Starfleet by picking up an officially licensed Star Trek uniform t-shirt. Wear your geek with pride!

All shirts are 100% preshrunk cotton। The red Engineering and Security, blue Sciences, and gold Command shirts are short-sleeved while the black shirt has long-sleeves.