Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leonard Nimoy Shares Thoughts About 'Star Trek', 'Fringe'

Leonard Nimoy participated in a new radio interview over at NPR, in which the actor talked about both his belief that he is most likely done with 'Star Trek', and the enjoyment he is gaining from being involved with the FOX series Fringe.

Leonard Nimoy stars as William Bell in the FOX television series 'Fringe'.

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Speaking candidly about his long, and sometimes tumultuous relationship with his alter-ego of Spock, Nimoy told NPR that there is really no need for him to play the half human, half Vulcan character anymore.

"I know why they wanted me in this last film, which was to create a bridge between the original cast and the new, but that’s been done," he said. "So I would suspect that there’s no need for my presence again."

And while Nimoy says he would read another 'Star Trek' script if they sent one to him, he doesn't expect that to happen, and now believes that the baton has been passed to actor Zachary Quinto (who, of course, played Spock in J.J. Abrams' recent Star Trek feature film).

"I’m proud of what he did in the film," Nimoy says. "I think it’s very good work. I think the character is in very good hands."
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Is Leonard Nimoy Done Playing Spock?

Nimoy may be forever associated with one of the most famous science fiction characters of all time, but his departure from 'Star Trek' doesn't mean he's finished playing interesting characters. As the enigmatic potential puppet-master Dr. William Bell on Abrams' TV series Fringe, Nimoy resolutely proves that good, veteran actors are always ready to sink their teeth into interesting characters.

"I'm enjoying it," Nimoy told NPR of Fringe. "It's intriguing. It's thought-provoking. The work is good. The scripts are interesting and multi-layered."

Dr. Bell is "a combination of the richest man in the world and a Timothy Leary-type scientist," Nimoy goes on. "We're not quite sure what his intentions are. He seems to be sincere."

"Are his warnings from an alternate reality to be believed? Time will tell whether he is really giving out good advice or being misleading," Nimoy adds.

Bell's appearance in the series has been brief thus far, not providing Nimoy much screen time to develop the character, though the actor prefers to keep Bell elusive to add to the intrigue. "I'm trying to make him something of a mystery so that there will be an anticipation of what might be revealed in the future." he says.

Nimoy tells NPR that he's agreed to do a couple episodes of Fringe, "and so far I have done two," he says. "I think I will do at least one more and then we'll see what happens."