Saturday, January 23, 2010

Actor who plays Mr. Spock in "Star Trek" franchise to visit Vulcan, Alta.

Mr. Spock is coming home to Vulcan.

Leonard Nimoy, who played the beloved character on the original "Star Trek" television series and in its latest movie franchise, is planning to visit the southern Alberta community of Vulcan on April 23rd.

Dayna Dickens, the community's tourism co-ordinator, says Nimoy will visit Vulcan as part of a comic book and entertainment exposition being held in Calgary, which is about an hour's drive north of the town of about 1,900 people.

She says it could go down as one of the most special days in Vulcan's history.

Last year, a special screening was arranged for residents after Nimoy complained that Paramount Pictures wouldn't premier its latest movie in the community that shares its name with Spock's birth planet.

Dickens says the community now also has a licensing agreement with CBS Broadcasting to become the official "Star Trek" capital of Canada. (CJOC)