Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Star Trek Online Preorder Bonuses

UK, January 5, 2010 - Direct2Drive are among the first to offer a preorder for the Digital Deluxe Edition of Star Trek Online set to release on Feb 2nd 2010.

Preordering today from Direct2Drive gives you access to the open beta as well as entry into the early start program. As if that's not enough you will also be treated to a host of intergalactic treats including:

Personal Shield
Multi-Spatial Personal Shield. This advanced personal shield system is based on Borg technology, which constantly regenerates itself and the health of its wearer. Exclusively on Direct2Drive!

Original Star Trek Uniform Set
Three uniforms from the original series (blue, red, yellow).

Exclusive "KHAAAN!" Emote
An unforgettable moment from the second Star Trek Film. This exclusive emote allows players to relive Kirk's unforgettable moment of fury, with the timeless cry… "KHAAAN!"

Exclusive Klingon Blood Wine Toast Emote
Raise a glass like a Klingon! Greet other players with an exclusive Klingon gesture –the blood wine toast.

Unique Registry Prefix
Give your ship the coveted NX prefix, seen only on a handful of elite Starfleet vessels like the Defiant, 22nd century Enterprise, and Prometheus.

Unique Ship Item
Automated Defense Battery. This Tactical Module grants any ship a passive 360 arc attack power with a short range.

Joined Trill Race
The ability to play as a "Joined Trill" – a symbiote that grants you several lifetimes of experience.

So beam yourself over to Direct2Drive and boldy go where no one has gone before!