Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bethesda Considered Developing Star Trek RPG

Let's take a moment to reflect on what could have been. While it apparently never got past the pitch phase, a Star Trek RPG set in the classic era was discussed at Bethesda back when the publisher still had the license, executive producer Todd Howard told Kotaku.

"Nothing was developed internally," he said. "There was a pitch to do a big Star Trek RPG. [But] we were doing other things, we made Fallout. We can't do everything."

If the project had gone forward, it would have likely been set in the original series era. Bethesda would have also considered bringing in William Shatner to do some of the voice work, Howard said.

Bethesda-published Star Trek games include Star Trek Encounters, Legacy and Star Trek Conquest, none of which were particularly well-regarded. However, it's worth noting that all three games were outsourced to developers like Mad Doc Software and 4J Studios. A Star Trek RPG would have almost certainly been developed in-house.

In the end, it never happened, but Star Trek fans are still getting an RPG. Cryptic Studios will be releasing Star Trek Online next month.