Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mac themed Digital Lifestyle TV adds Star Trek Saturdays

Mac focused website, The Digital Lifestyle is bringing both Apple and Star Trek fans together in a weekly event called Star Trek Saturdays.

Beginning 16th January, each Saturday the site will post a full-length episode of Star Trek, starting with the first episode of the original series.

The intent is to bring these two groups together and to give the more casual Star Trek viewer a chance to learn more about the show, The Digital Lifestyle promises in a statement.

"I noticed working at Apple, that many people were also fans of Star Trek. Now thanks to the series being available online, we can create a community experience," Ryan Ritchey, producer of the site. The first episode will be posted at 9:00 am ET on 16th January.

The Digital Lifestyle was founded in November 2007, and is billed as the only 24-hour online video network dedicated to Apple news, rumours, and lifestyle.