Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The December 2009 issue of Wizard Magazine features an exclusive interview with Star Trek director J.J Abrams and here are few excerpts.

It seems like time travel is mandatory for the most sucessful Trek films. But will you veer away from that in the sequel ?

We're just now talking about what the story is going to be and there is some very cool ideas that are out there. My instinct would be not necessarily go back to any of the same well again unless it pertains to character. But if there was some brilliant piece that involved time travel of course I wouldn't rule it out.

Would you consider any more cameos from any of the other Star Trek actorsfrom any of the other series ?

You know, I'm open to anything. But I am not going into it thinking, "Oh, okay, how do I figure out a way to create more cameo options ?"

But you are not averse to it.

No, I'm not averse to it, but the great news is that the cast of the new Star Trek has this massive burden of having to try to live up to the incredible job that the original actors did, and I think they were so good that they did it. And while the first movie would have been nearly impossible to do without Leonard Nimoy - we would have ghad to change the story completely - I feel like while being open to it and, like you said, not averse, I am also thrilled that we are now in a place where we dont necessarily need to shoehorn cameos in just to appease original fans. The great thing about Nimoy, beyond his just being who he is, is that the role was not a cameo, it was a critically important character in the movie. Trying to find cameos was never an interesting thing for us. Trying to tell a decent story was the thing that we were working hard to do.

The full interview can be found in issue 217 of Wizard Magazine.