Friday, January 29, 2010

January 28, 2010 | by Giannii Star Trek Online Swag at Select GameStops Nationwide!

In early December, GameStop announced their exclusive collector’s edition of Cryptic Studios’ upcoming Star Trek Online MMO and now on the Star Trek Online Facebook Fan page, they announced that prizes will be given out during the February 2nd midnight launch at select GameStop locations nationwide.

As far as what type of prizes, and which GameStops would have the giveaways, they weren’t specific but promised more details very soon. I can’t help to think of type of prizes will be given out and if there will be a costume contest. If it continues to rain over here on the west coast, my Vulcan hair style will be secured.

What kind of prizes will they give out? Free downloadable content? Star trek swag? Also will there be a costume contest? Will you dress up and as what?

Star Trek Online warps into stores next week so if you’re interested check out the STO subscription bonuses.

Source: Star Trek Online FB Fan Page