Friday, January 15, 2010

The Unofficial Star Trek Online Science Guide, released by Killer Guides

With Cryptic Studios' releasing its Star Trek Online MMORPG on February 2, 2010, Killer Guides plans to follow up on this by releasing a comprehensive guide for the Science class ships. This guide will be released as a part of Killer Guide's STO guides, which will also include such guides as the Star Trek Online Ship Guide and other ship class guides. The Star Trek Online Science Guide will also be available in the Star Trek Online Guides bundle. The individual guide can be found at

Star Trek Online's battle system is very sophisticated and starships are absolutely necessary, which requires that players master these ships, especially if they are commanding a Science ship. This Unofficial Star Trek Online Science Guide is the perfect tool to help gamers prepare their Science ships for some of the toughest battles in the Star Trek universe. This guide will aid STO players in taking their ship all the way through the vital details of transforming their ships into the ultimate mean machine and reaching its highest potential.

Star Trek Online's large range of weaponry could be set up in many combinations by each ship. The Star Trek Online Science Guide introduces and suggests the best combination of weapons for the Science ships, when to allocate different power levels for each system as well as how the Science ship's skills can determine whether your battle outcomes.

The Science ships can be a challenge to handle because it is quite a unique class and is full of hidden surprises. As players guide their Science ship through the ranks, there will be more access to weaponry and advanced skills for their Science ship. Get the full list of the available weaponry and skills together with a comprehensive analysis for making the right decisions with the Star Trek Online Science Guide.

The Unofficial Star Trek Online Science Guide is available at, and also available as part of the" STO Guide Bundle. Killer Guides, a leading publisher of MMORPG guides, aims to provide the online gaming community with quality strategy guides for widely played online games.