Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Caprica Star Alessandra Torresani Says She is Into Star Trek and Aliens - Spoilers

The Los Angeles Times posted a new interview with Caprica star Alessandra Torresani and here are few excerpts (beware of minor spoilers).

As Zoe Graystone, viewers don't get to bond a whole lot with you in the pilot for obvious, explosive reasons. How will we really get to know her?

Well I play five different people from the pilot to the season finale -- which I'm assuming five 'cause it may be more, I mean, we haven't shot the season finale or seen the script yet. So, yeah, you'll see, literally, five different young, 15-year-old girls.

I spoke to Eliza Dushku ("Dollhouse") about playing different characters on a show. Is each one of the roles you play a different personality at all?

They're all based on the same idea, but they're all very, very different. People will definitely know the differences between them all.

So you watched a lot of sci-fi and "Battlestar" before you got the role?

I never saw "Battlestar" before, but I watched it after we shot our pilot because I wanted the first Cylon to be completely different than how Tricia [Helfer] portrayed it or Grace [Park] or any of the girls. I watched it and became completely obsessed. But yeah, I'm into "Star Trek" and stuff ... I'm more into "Aliens," but yeah it's all fun!