Saturday, January 23, 2010

Atari teams up with Del Taco for Star Trek Online promo

In a strange pairing, Del Taco and Atari have teamed up to promote Star Trek Online by giving away beta keys with a purchase.

Buy a "Macho-sized" drink at Del Taco and you'll not only get a limited edition Star Trek cup, but a free 48-hour trial of the upcoming Star Trek Online. Up to four codes can be redeemed per account, and those who redeem four codes get an additional 48 hours of gameplay time before they have to pony up some cash to continue boldly going where everyone else who purchased a "Macho-sized" drink has gone before.

If you do decide you like what you play, those who purchase after the trial get a free Type-8 Shuttle pet add-on that will be exclusively available through Del Taco. Also exclusive to Del Taco: the Macho Taco and the Breakfast Taco Del Cabron.

Damn, I'm hungry.