Saturday, January 23, 2010

Star Trek Online update: more levels, more Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek Online’s beta has just got bigger with lots of new fixes and changes. While the game world getting bigger is great, the most exciting news is the arrival of Spock (aka Leonard Nimoy). Read on to find out what he’s doing in Star Trek Online’s MMO world…

Star Trek Online’s developer Cryptic has slung out pages and pages of updates, fixes and changes for the recently unveiled MMO. First up, it’s ditched the level cap meaning players can now increase the experience and skill of the characters beyond a basic level.

For Star Trek Online players who opted to play as Federation folk, there’s a new chance to explore with Cardassian and Romulan space opened up to visit. But if you know much about Cardassians and Romulans, you might not want to bother.

Leonard Nimoy’s joined the Star Trek Online crew to provide “audio journal overviews” when you visit a new sector of space. The commentaries will give Star Trek Online players both the nerdy thrill of getting instructions from Spock and valuable information about new areas of the game.

Are you playing the Star Trek Online beta? Let us know how you’re finding the mission.